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Friday, September 16, 2005
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The blog for students of John A. (Don't even dream of asking) Goldfine at EMCC who want to comment, complain, question, suggest, advise, sound off, argue, or even...beeyatch. Did I mention 'anonymous'? And I'll try to reply right here, so check back every so often.

Naturally, you anonymous people can write about whatever you want (and I will try to explain the meaning of life, the secret of the universe, the way of wisdom, seven sure tips for financial success, how to improve your love life, and the location of Jimmy Hoffa [if I am asked nicely]), but stuff about either ENG 101 or ENG 162 is where my greatest expertise lies.
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Say, if you were born just to early to be a baby boomer, what category do you fall in? Post-war-Pre-baby boomer?
I'm afraid your overuse of exclamation points is going to force me to trash your post, anon 11/5, so you won't have that coveted #200 for long.
Pre-boomers loved Patti Page, saddle shoes, sweater sets, Doris Day, martinis. Boomers loved Elvis, Beatles, Bob Dylan, Stones, grass.

I'll have an olive in mine, thanks.

Yes, 'postwar preboomer' is perfect. There were only 4.5 months worth of us and we are a special breed, indeed.
haha, now we do know your middle name, john aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa goldfine. The mystery is over.
Y' got me!
"Composed in Five Minutes"

Do not remember

The fifth of November

The day I nearly dismembered myself

At least don't remember

Until December

When maybe I reckon I can sever my past

Forget the day I resembled

A newly disassembled

Poem with the timbre rendered aside

Or a clock with a member

Buried and remembered

In the cinders and embers of the hearth in the fire

Do not remember

The fifth of November

The day I nearly dismembered myself

No matter what I resembled

Please don't remember

As I certainly won't be a repeat offender
Hey anonymous--despite my not doing poetry, anyone who can send me off googling their lines, reminding me of Guy Fawkes day, the OWS, John Lennon, and mayhem generally gets a tip of the John A Goldfine chapeau.

I've read worse verse.
Please, pretty please with sugar maple frosting and sprinkles on top, where is Jimmy Hoffa?
I think that your middle name is the dame as my present nome-de-plume: Anonymous
Y'think I'm Johnonymous Goldfine, eh?

As for Jimmy Hoffa, he resides permanently at a Dairy Queen depot in Potluck Pennsylvania, buried under a giant heap of sugar maple frosting and sprinkles on top--you guessed it!
Goldfine! Do not reveal the secrets of the dead!
Dang, I should have known You'd have your eye on me, favored among mortals as I am....
Hey anonymous--Mainers do not say 'sprinkles.'
But I didn't want to say "Pretty please with jimmies on top, where is Jimmy Hoffa?
Hmmm, shit, I see your point, and you are right! That would have been unpardonably clumsy, and here I am preening myself all the while on what a dandy writer I am!
Say, why do sections 9 and 10 of ENG 101 go from 10 to 10:53 and 11 to 11:53? I actually saw another instructor whose class had a similar time frame. Why is this?????? Please tell me so that I may no longer spend my nights staring at the celing pondering this:)
There's real answer as to why classes are scheduled to 7 minutes of, and it has to do with accreditation. We have to offer so many hours of instruction in the semester and when we are squeezed for days, that extra three minutes adds up to 3 minutes x 45 classes to equal 135 minutes of instructional time, more than two classes' worth.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Gobble gobble gobble.
Thx, anon, tho 'everyone' is pretty much u & me.
And anonymous 5-11 makes 3:)
To the person who asked where to find a unicorn after someone said Merry Christmas to all, after someone else said he knew what "A" stood for for certain: You can find most anything at Wall Mart, but if you want a really nice one and are not averse to paying a bit more, try Unicorns R Us.
Y'think there are two anonymice out there, anonymous? I thought I was bantering with one of my live students!
I have enjoyed the class. Thank you very much.
Whoa, anonny--it ain't over yet! Don't count those chickens till you see the peepers running around the barnyard!
Hail, Alaric, conqueror of Rome, chief of the VisiGoths.
Have a good break!
You still around these parts, Mr. Goldfine? I'd have thought they'd have lost you by now but glad to see that's not the case.

How's stuff with you, anyway?
this course sucks and so do you!
this course double sux
opritu ben 8
You caught my curiosity with our first class. Writing has never been a strong point, but I'm hoping with the right motivation that will change. I'm looking forward to the rest of the semester. Oh! One question.....What does the "A" stand for in you middle name? Have a great day.
Heh, wouldn't you just love to know the Secret of the 'A'! I'm not telling.
Well, that was an interesting first class. We'll have to see how that goes.
We aim to please, anon.
So about the reaction graph,I clicked on the advice to students link and all I'm seeing is a bunch of questions. I don't really understand do you want us to answer those questions? Or do you want us to write about a "reaction" we have to each of those questions?
I don't want you to answer the questions and I don't want you to react to each question necessarily. I have given my advice in the form of questions. Now you react. If you think it was stupid of me to put advice in question form instead of as orders, then that would be your reaction. A reaction is a reaction--this isn't a test, and although it counts as part of your grade, I don't put a number or letter on it, so let yourself go enough to...relax & react.
I would like to know what the reaction to isearch brainstorm is. Is it what I wrote for my topic or is is something different. I'm a little confused.

That ought to explain it.

What's your reaction to my brainstorm (and, don't worry, in due course, I'll give you my reaction to yours.)
Why is there naughty facebook ads on the syllabus.
Wicked naughty or naughty naughty? To the best of my knowledge, my syllabus is ad-free.
That A haunts my dreams, Goldfine. Anthony? Andrew? Alex? Ass? Arthur?

When I have my favorite pizza, it's John Anchovybreath Goldfine.
A thin crust pizza with anchovies? Oh my... To each their own, I suppose.

Hopefully you never eat you favorite pizza before class.
Typically, I might be Mr CoffeeBreath before class, but the chances of me eating pizza in any shape or form in the morning before class is nil.
Pizza for breakfast is the best. Gets a nice base of veggies, dairy, bread and sometimes meat.
Sorry, Mr/Ms Pizzahead--pizza for breakfast still sounds disfrippingusting. Black coffee and a cheese danish or (second best) fried toast with maple syrup or cinnamon sugar or lemon curd, period, end of argument.
The A stands for are a killer robot sent from the future to turn us all into mindless drones that make no sense while writing. It is clear you will soon achieve this and go on to dominate us all by plugging your USB charger (located in your left boot) into google. Bravo sir, Bravo but this is one human mind YOU WILL NEVER DOMINATE!
Busted, y'got me!
would Beating Blackjack be a good Isearch topic?
It's certainly researchable, but most everything I can imagine is known on the topic is right here:

Why do a paper that simply rehashes a wiki? Or do you have a lot of money, plenty of time, and a very good memory for numbers?
It probably works better than that other topic though, if that other topic is what I think it is.
thanks john I'm also considering archery and competitive gaming

I'll prob just pick one and roll with it

So you say you're an expert in English... How about in real estate? renting in fort mcmurray?
Happy trails, jAg~ :3
thx, x3--u 2
Things are happening and I can’t tell if they are real. Did they really happen? Is my memory going so fast that I can’t tell anymore? Or was it another nightmare than burns its self so deep into my mind that it feels real? What do I do? How do I determine the truth from the lies? What makes this better? What makes this go away? Why must I feel ever trapped in a hell my own making. In an endless torment that eats away at my soul every waking moment of my existence? Please…. Find me the answer. I have no hope. My hopes are destroyed. They lie in ruins at the bottom of my heart. This cannot be fixed. This should not be real. This pain, not physical yet it hurts so much. I can’t bear it… the knowing… the memories… the heartache. I want to hide, forever. Hide from the loss, the emotions, the truth of what it is. But how can this be? It cannot. I am left a shattered mess living in misery, in silence and in wonder of what I have become. I am lost… I am alone… I am nothing.

Just something I wanted you to read. I thought of you even though I have not been in your class for some time now. Maybe its nothing you would care to read, but I thought of you anyway.

I care to read it, and I'm glad you thought of me again. Please email me if you like.

I have immediate advice for you, but like most things people advise, it's stuff you already know, but knowing means nothing and helps not at all. First, you live through the experience--and then the answer comes or not.
Mr. Goldfine, I must confess that I desperately miss your class and your witty comebacks brightening my day. I found myself traveling down nostalgia avenue and decided to take a peak at the old hoganroad.blogspot-- It is comfortingly the same and it brings back so many memories. I hope this finds you well! (I hope this finds you at all, quite honestly)
Well, bless your heart! I am indeed here, and, if not as spry as the days of old, at least, I hope, dammit, as witty. If you care to correspond for a full dose of the jag magic, will get me.
Anonymous, I miss some things about teaching, among them the opportunity to fine-tune my famous witty comebacks on students like you. If you get tired of hoganroad.blogspot, there's always aeruiyawer.blogspot.
I know that this is a long shot, but I’m trying to get in touch with Mr Goldfine; John A-don’t-ever-ask Goldfine. I was a student of his back in 2004ish; does anyone have an email address for him? I tried his old EMCC email but it bounced back. If you happen to read this - knowing this blog hasn’t been updated in years - and know of a way to reach him, please reply and I’ll find a way for you to privately send me his email. Just wanted to thank him and share some news.
Thanks! — N.
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The blog for students of John A. (Don't even dream of asking) Goldfine at EMCC who want to comment, complain, question, suggest, advise, sound off, argue, or even...beeyatch. Did I mention 'anonymous'? And I'll try to reply.

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